A photo booth is the perfect addition to your event!  Photo booths for parties arouse interest. Guests are willing to use all the device capabilities by creating unforgettable souvenirs in the form of photos. Photo Booths at a party provide a lot of fun from beginning to end. With us you can be sure that your guest, friends and family will enjoy your event to the fullest and keep the pictures for a lifetime, think about it, when was the last time you threw away your picture?

We operate on such events as

● Charitable events

We can work on charitable events. If you choose us, we guarantee that our photo booth will be specially prepared for such occasions.

● Weddings

Wedding photo booth is nothing like the photo booth, which provides a lot of fun. On the photos you can put the name of the event, the names of newlyweds, your company logo, the selected graphic or slogan. Please tell us what you want in the frame of the photos, and we will do the project!

● Corporate events

Is it Christmas Eve in work or cyclical company event  – every place is great for photo booth! We guarantee that no one will be bored, and corporate event for a long time will be in the memory of the participants!

● Birthday parties

Birthday photo booth is the ace in the hole, regardless of the age of your celebrant!

The modern slot machine to take photos is extremely easy to use, ensuring your guests comfortable. Simply choose the original gadget which help you make a funny face, and then stand in front of the photo booth, waiting for the results.

● Proms

Photo Booth doing a furore on every party  –  weddings, events, birthdays, so it also will be great options on proms! Photos from the photo booth will remain in memory after playing. In times of fatigue science baccalaureate can recall pleasant memories and motivate for further work. Photo taken on prom in photo booth will be a great reminder also at a later time, in college or in the workplace.

● Outside events

Our Photo Booth also works on such events as outdoor events. It is a great addition that surely will give you a lot of laughter. We guarantee interesting and fun add-ons. Imagine that- you are doing your photos in the light of the stars. It’s great, right?

 ● Christmas parties

Christmas are one of the most family time  in the year. We meet with the whole, even the farthest family. Don’t you think it would be great to capture such moments in your photos with photo booths? We provide you an unique, festive accessories with whom this time will be even better.

● Halloween parties

Do you want take a  horrible, unique photos? No problem! We are also on halloween parties. What’s more, we’ll give you great add-ons to your photos.

● Family parties

We operate on communion, christening or other event. Photo Booth is great option for each of these events and it’s an unforgettable bonus. It’s fun not only for children but also for adults!

For the time that you’ve hired the photo booth, you can use it as much as you like. Want a photo with your partner? It’s all right. Want a photo with DJ? Go for it. Partner AND the DJ? Why not?! It’s your booth an you can  use it only all you like. If you want to provide your guests an unforgettable fun don’t wait a moment – just contact us!